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The Indian Mother Goddess



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Book Information

Publisher:Manohar Publishers & Distributors
Published In:1999
Binding Type:Hardback
Weight:700.00 gms
Pages:pp. xvi + 363, Index, Appendices, Notes, Biblio., Abbreviations

The book "The Indian Mother Goddess " is written by N.N. Bhattacharyya. This book was published in the year 1999. The ISBN number 8173043248|9788173043246 is assigned to the Hardback version of this title. This book has total of pp. xvi + 363 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Manohar Publishers & Distributors. We have about 1379 other great books from this publisher. The Indian Mother Goddess is currently Available with us.

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About the Book

Encouraged by the reception the First Edition received, the author expanded its scope and coverage and the second edition included the following chapters : Introduction; The Mothers : Forms of the Cult; Mother Goddesses in Literary and Mythological Records; Mother Goddesses in Archaeology; and Mother Goddesses and the Advanced Religious Systems. In addition, there were three appendices, viz., Regional Distribution of the Goddess Cult; The Female-Dominated Societies; and Fertility Rites as the Basis of Tantricism. To further enrich the work two more appendices, viz., The Realm of Kamakhya, and Important Puranic Goddesses, along with an updated Bibliography have been added in the present (Third) edition.

The study, a standard work on the subject, correlates the cult of Indian Mother Goddess with similar Cults found in different parts of the world. It reveals interesting historical processes working behind the origin and development of the cult. It further highlights its popularity among the masses, specially among the lower order, its functional role in space and time and its entry into the so called Higher forms of religious systems of India and abroad.

The Study is marked by the author's accent on Comparative treatment and on the social basis of religious ideas and deft handling of a bewildering variety of sources.

About the Author

As an Indologist, Dr. N.N. Bhattacharyya requires no introduction. He is the author of such well-known works as The Indian Puberty Rites (1968, 1980), History of Cosmogonical Ideas (1971), History of the Sakta Religion (1978, 1996), History of Indian Erotic Literature (1975), Ancient Indian Rituals and their Social Contents (1975, 1996), Jaina Philosophy (1976, 1998), History of Researches on Indian Buddhism (1981), Buddhism in the History of Indian Ideas (1993), Indian Religious Historiography (1996), History of the Tantric Religion (1982, 1999), The Geographical Dictionary : Ancient and Early Medieval India (1991), and A Glossary of Indian Religious Terms and Concepts (1990, 1999), etc.

He has edited R.P. Chanda's Indo-Aryan Races and N.C. Bandyopadhyay's Development of Indian Polity. He has also edited Medieval Bhakti Movements in India (1989), Jainism and Prakrit in Ancient and Medieval India (1994), and Encyclopaedia of Ancient Indian Culture (1998).

A retired professor of Calcutta University Dr. Bhattacharyya presided over the Ancient India section of the Indian History Congress in 1992.


Preface to the Third Edition
Preface to the Second Edition

I. Introduction :
1. Development of the Conception
2. Mother Goddess and the Cults and Rituals of Fertility
3. Mother Goddess and Agricultural Myths
4. Mother Goddess and Female Dominated Societies

II. The Mothers : Forms of the Cult :
1. Earth and Corn Mothers
2. The Protectress of Children
3. The City Goddesses
4. The Goddess and the Animal World
5. The Goddesses of Disease
6. The War Goddesses
7. The Goddesses of Mountains, Lakes and Rivers
8. The Blood-thirsty Goddesses
9. The Tribal Divinities

III. Mother Goddesses in Literary and Mythological Records :
1. Prologue
2. Goddesses of Egypt and Western Asia
3. Goddesses of Greece and Asia Minor
4. Goddesses of Mesopotamia and Iran
5. Goddesses in the Vedic literature of India
6. Goddesses in the Epics
7. Goddesses in Jain and Buddhist Literature
8. Goddesses in South Indian Literature
9. Goddesses in the Puranas
10. Goddesses in other Literary Works
11. Goddesses in Some Epigraphical Records

IV. Mother Goddesses in Archaeology :
1. The Earliest Archaeological Specimens
2. The Harappan Goddess and Her Western Counterparts
3. The Vedic and Post-Vedic Cults
4. Specializations : The Gupta Age
5. Mahisamardini and other Forms of Durga
6. Uma, Parvati, etc.
7. Laksmi and Sarasvati
8. Matrkas, Yoginis, etc.
9. Other Forms of the Goddess and their Shrines
10. Buddhist and Jain Goddesses

V. Mother Goddess and the Advanced Religious Systems :
1. Mother Goddess and Christianity
2. Mother Goddess and Taoism
3. Mother Goddess and Buddhism
4. Mother Goddess and Vaisnavism
5. Mother Goddess and Saivism
6. Mother Goddess and Tantric Saktism