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The Five Aggregates Understanding Theravada, Psychology and Soteriology



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Book Information

Publisher:Sri Satguru Publications
Published In:1997
Binding Type:Hardback
Weight:444.00 gms
Pages:pp. xii + 166, Illus., Charts, Tables, Index, Glossary, Biblio., Abbreviations, Acknowledgemen

The book "The Five Aggregates Understanding Theravada, Psychology and Soteriology" is written by Mathieu Boisvert. This book was published in the year 1997. The ISBN number 8170305624|9788170305620 is assigned to the Hardback version of this title. This book has total of pp. xii + 166 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Sri Satguru Publications. We have about 927 other great books from this publisher. The Five Aggregates Understanding Theravada, Psychology and Soteriology is currently Available with us.

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About the Book

According to Buddhist Texts the entire universe, including the individual, is made up of different phenomena, which Buddhism classifies into different categories: what we conventionally call a "person" can be understood in terms of five aggregates, the sum of which must not be taken for a permanent entity, since beings are nothing but an amalgam of ever-changing phenomena. Although the aggregates are only a "convenient fiction," the Buddha nevertheless made frequent use of the aggregate scheme when asked to explain the elements at work in the individual.

In this Study Mathieu Boisyert presents a detailed analysis of the five aggregates (pancakkhandha) and establishes how the Theravada Tradition Views their interaction. He clarifies the fundamentals of Buddhist Psychology by providing a rigorous Examination of the Nature and interrelation of each of the aggregates and by establishing, for the first time, how the function of each of these aggregates chains beings to the cycle of birth, Death and rebirth-the theory of dependent origination (paticcasamuppada). Boisvert contends that without a thorough understanding of the five aggregates, we cannot grasp the liberation process at work within the individual, who is, after all, simply an amalgam of the five aggregates.

The Five Aggregates represents an important and Original contribution to Buddhist studies and will be of great interest to all scholars and students of Buddhism.

About the Author

Mathieu Boisvert is a professor of South-Asian Traditions at the Universite Du Quebec a Montreal and the editor of Un Monde de religious(forthcoming).


List of Tables
i. Etymology of the Term Khndha
ii. The Five Aggregates and the Dhammacakkappavattanasutta
iii. Pancakkandha and Pancupadanakkhandha

i. The Four Primary Material Elements (Mahabhuta)
ii. The Secondary Material Elements (Upadarupa)
iii. The Three Divisions of Matter
iv. Further Classifications of Matter
v. Implications of the Previous Classifications
vi. Correlation between the Rupakkhandha and the Paticcasamuppada

i. The Eradication of Vedana
ii. The State of Sannavedayitanirodha
iii. The State of Vedanakkhaya
iv. Vedana as Bifurcation Point
v. Wholesome and Unwholesome Vedana

i. Unwholesome Sanna
ii. Wholesome Sanna
iii. Wholesome Sanna and the Sannakkhandha
iv. Correlation between Sanna and the Paticcasamuppada

i. Polysemy of the Term Sankhara
ii. Sankhara as Sankhata
iii. Sankhara as Paccaya
iv. Sankhara Used in the Compound Ayusankhara
v. Sankhara Used in the Compound Asankhara and Sasankhara
vi. General Meaning of the Term Sankhara
vii. The Sankharakkhandha
viii. Correlation between the Sankharakkhandha and the Paticcasamuppada

i. The Function of Vinnana
ii. Vinnana and Mano
iii. Vinnana as Rebirth and Death Consciousness
iv. Correlation between Vinnana and the Paticcasamuppada

i. The Position of Vinnana in the Enumeration of the Paticcasamuppada
ii. Inclusion of Sanna in the Paticcasamuppada Formula Vipassana and the Pancakkhandha