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Tales from the Kathasaritsagara 1st Published

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Publisher:Penguin Books
Published In:01-Jan-2007
Binding Type:Paperback
Weight:345.00 gms
Pages:pp. xlvi + 265, Glossary, Notes

The book "Tales from the Kathasaritsagara 1st Published" is written by Arshia Sattar. This book was published in the year 0120. The ISBN number 0140247211|9780140247213 is assigned to the Paperback version of this title. This book has total of pp. xlvi + 265 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Penguin Books. We have about 115953 other great books from this publisher. Tales from the Kathasaritsagara 1st Published is currently Available with us.

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About the Book

Although his dates have not been conclusively established, according to some historical records Somadeva was a Kashmiri Saivite Brahmin who lived in the eleventh century during the rule of King Anantadeva. Legend has it that he composed the Kathasaritsagara around AD 1070 for queen Suryamati (also known as Suryavati), wife of King Anantadeva. However, the stories in the Kathasaritsagara were in circulation long before Somadeva compiled them into this particular collection. The Kathasaritsagara is supposed to be part of a larger text, the Brhatkatha,composed by Gunadhya who is generally reckoned to be a mythical figure.

About the Author

Cover Design : Amiya Bhattacharya


Key to Pronunciation of Sanskrit Words
Translator's Note

1. Puspadanta and Malyavan are Cursed
2. Puspadanta Becomes Vararuci and Learns the Vedas
3. How the City Of Pataliputra was Founded
4. Upakosa and her Suitors
5. The Two Nandas
6. Sakatala's Revenge
7. Vararuci's WISDOM Causes Trouble
8. The Wise Minister
9. Betrayal of Friends
10. Vararuci Retires to the Forest
11. The Story of Canakya
12. Malyavan Becomes Gunadhya and has Many Adventures
13. The Mouse Merchant
14. The Brahmin and the Courtesan
15. The Garden of the Goddess
16. How Satavahana Got his Name
17. Gunadhya's Adventures Continue - the King Learns Sanskrit
18. Gunadhya's Vow of Silence
19. Devadatta Becomes Puspadanta
20. The Story of King Sibi and the Dove
21. Puspadanta Gets his Name
22. Somadatta Becomes Malyavan
23. The End of the Curse
24. Gunadhya Writes the Brhatkatha

1. The Courtesan Who Fell in Love
2. Lohajahngha in Lanka
3. Why The Ground in Lanka is Made Of Wood
4. Lohajangha Outwits Makaradanstra

1. Guhacandra and his Celestial Bride
2. Indra and Ahalya

1. Ratnadatta Learns the Meaning of Buddhism
2. Kalingadatta has A Daughter
3. The Seven Princesses
4. The Man With the Beautiful Eyes
5. The Sage and the King
6. Sulocana Fulfils Her Father's Destiny
7. Kirtisena Outwits Her Mother-in-law
8. Kirtisena Learns A Secret
9. Kirtisena Saves the King's Life

1. The City of Unchaste Women
2. The Story of Rajadatta's Lover
3. Ratnadhipati Learns the Truth
4. NiScyadatta Meets A Vidyadhari
5. Niscayadatta Subdues A Yaksini
6. The Lover who was Turned Into A Monkey
7. The Battle of the Yoginis
8. NiScayadatta Marries the Vidyadhari
9. The Monkey Displays his Wisdom

1. Naravahanadatta Falls in Love With Alankaravati
2. Alankaravati's Story
3. Sita's Banishment
4. The Princess Who Refused to Marry
5. Jivadatta Wins the Vidyadhari
6. Jivadatta Wakes Up
7. Jivadatta is Released
8. Anangaprabha's Adventures Continue
9. Anangaprabha's Last Husband
10. Anangaprabha's Curse is Finally over

1. The King's Bracelet
2. The Magic Pot
3. The Courtesan's Tricks
4. The Golden Monkey
5. How the Courtesan Used the King
6. The Unfaithful Wife
7. The Wicked Wife
8. The Cuckolded Husband
9. The Unsuitable Lover
10. The Princess With the Parrot
11. The Parrot's Tale
12. The Story of Manorathaprabha
13. Somaprabha Meets his Future Bride
14. Makarandika is Cursed
16. The Lovers are Reunited
17. The Man Who Controlled his Anger
18. The Bull Frightens the Lion
19. The Curious Monkey
19. The Jackal and the Drum
20. Sanjivaka and Pihgalaka Become Friends
21. The Crab Who Killed the Crane
22. The hare Who Tricked the Lion
23. Damanaka Sows The Seeds of Suspicion
25. The Bedbug and the Flea
26. How the Camel was Tricked
27. The Bird Who Challenged the Ocean
28. The Turtle and the Geese
29. The Fish Who took Timely Action
30. The Battle Between the Lion and the Bull
31. The Bird who Interfered
32. The Man Who Outsmarted Himself
33. The Crane and the Snake
34. The Mice that ate Iron
35. The Bodhisattva Who Became A King
36. The Bodhisattva and the Creatures in the Well
37. The Lion's Tale
38. The Bird's Tale
39. The Snake's Tale
40. The Woman's Tale
41. The Bodhisattva Needs Help
43. The Monk Who Was Bitten By A Dog
45. The Miser and His Kheer
46. The Monks and The Cat
47. The Bull from Heaven
48. The Fool in the Tree
49. Hiranyaksa and Mrgankalekha

1. The Story of Mrgankadatta
2. King Vikrama and the Mendicant
3. The Wise Friend
4. The Brahmin Who Brought his Beloved Back to Life
5. The Wiles of Women
6. The Vice-ridden Husband
7. The Thief Who Saw it all
8. The Devoted Servant
9. The Three Suitors
10. The Heads That Got Switched
11. The King Repays A Debt
12. The Three Fastidious Brahmins
13. The Delicate Feet
14. King Vikrama Outwits the Mendicant
15. Mrgankadatta Wins his Bride

1. King Brahmadatta and the Golden Swans
2. How the Ganas Were Cursed
3. The Trials of Pingesvara and Guhesvara
4. The Curses End

1. The Gambler and the Gods
2. The Gambler Goes to Heaven
3. The False Ascetic