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Srimad Bhagavatam

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Book Information

Publisher:Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan
Published In:2006
Binding Type:Hardback
Weight:1375.00 gms
Pages:pp. xvi + 790, Glossary

The book "Srimad Bhagavatam " is written by Kamala Subramaniam. This book was published in the year 2006. The ISBN number 817276376X|9788172763763 is assigned to the Hardback version of this title. This book has total of pp. xvi + 790 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. We have about 1057 other great books from this publisher. Srimad Bhagavatam is currently Available with us.

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About the Author

Bhagavad Gita er 4, 1916, at Bangalore and educated in that city, The Author Smt. Kamala Subramaniam had the privilege of studying under the distinguished Professor B.M. Srikantiah, Professor and Head of the English Department, Central College, Bangalore, and top litterateur in modern Kannada. She developed early in life an avid taste for English literature and particularly Love for Shakespeare's plays.

In 1937, she married Dr. V.S. Subramaniam, the renowned E.N.T. Surgeon of Madras.

In spite of being pre-occupied with the affairs of her family, she wrote a series of "Imaginary Conversations" on the Model of Landor's for the Triveni under the pen-name of "Ketaki."

Her love of literature, nursed over the years, expressed itself in her developing a fascination for the Epics and Puranas of India.

Smt. Kamala Subramaniam's condensation of the Maliabharata - a Bhavan's publication -has Won wide acclaim.

She now makes available to the English -knowing public a faithful condensation of the Bhagavata Purana, retaining by far all the piety and pathos of the original.

This is the second in the author's triad, the third one being the condensations of Valmiki's Ramayana, also published by the Bhavan.

If the setting of Bhagavad Gita is a battlefield where opposing armies are arrayed against each other, the setting of the Bhagavata Purana is no less arresting and awe-inspiring.

A great and virtuous king Parikshit, by a quirk of fate, is doomed to die of snakebite in seven clays. As the Bhagavatam opens, we ,see him listening with Faith and devotion to the recitation of the Purana, seeking the ultimate that any human being can aspire for, namely, freedom or liberation, after attaining which one knows no fear and is all peace.

Indeed the Serpent king, Takshaka, dramatically arrives at the appointed hour and deals death to the king's body, which is reduced to ashes by the fiery venom. But by that time, death had lost all its sting for the king.

Did not Parikshit tell Suka at the conclusion of the Bhagavata Purana recital : "Lord, I fear neither Takshaka nor death, now that I have entered the fearless and blissful State of Brahman?"

This then is the glory of Bhagavatam, acclaimed as the essence of all Vedic wisdom, namely, its power to make one remain poised, even at the point of death.

And if India's Spiritual Tradition is kept alive today it is largely because of the Bhagavatam and its systematic exposition throughout the Country - with the result that its teachings have permeated the subconscious of the masses.

The Bhagavatam has been aptly described as the spiritual Butter churned out of the ocean of the Veda Milk for the benefit of those "who are pure in heart, free from malice and envy, and are keen to hear it."

All mankind is destined to hear the message of the Bhagavatam, but the message will come loud and clear only when one really yearns for it, when "Shraddha" enters the soul as it did in the case of Nachiketas.

Bhagavatam, being the culmination of Jnana and Bhakti, is dear alike to the Advaitin, Vishishtadvaitin and the Dvaitin. Its appeal is to the head as well as to the heart.

The very fact that it is a Purana proclaims aloud the truth that it is not an esoteric text meant for a select few but a Sacred Scripture meant to bring within the REACH of all, including householders, the Peace that passeth understanding.

Dry Philosophy seldom appeals to the human mind. But in the Bhagavatam even the most abstruse philosophic truths are put across by Means of stories and legends. This is the secret of its popularity among all Classes of people. General Editor : S. Ramakrishnan


1. Naimisharanya
2. The Coming of Narada
3. The Previous Birth of Narada
4. The Search after Truth
5. The End - Which was the Beginning
6. Uttarayana
7. The Son of Abhimanyu
8. Krishna takes leave of Kunti
9. Yudhishtira performs Ashvamedha
10. Vidhura lays down his Bow
11. Vidhura's Return after the War
12. The end of Dhritarashtra
13. Narada's visit to Hastina
14. Arjuna comes back from Dwaraka
15. The Cow and the Lame Bull
16. The Haunts of Kali
17. Shringi's Curse
18. On the Banks of Sacred Ganga
19. Dharana
20. The Tragedy at Prabhasa
21. In the Beginning
22. Adi Varaha
23. Diti, Daksha's Daughter
24. The Arrogant Door-Keepers
25. The Killing of Hiranyaksha
26. Kardama's Penance
27. The Coming of Devahuti
28. The Ideal Wife
29. Kapila's Vasudeva
30. Kapila and his Teachings
31. Kapila's Teachings II
32. The End of the Devahuti
33. Yagnya, the Son of Akuti
34. Dattatraya
35. Daksha's Anger
36. Conflict in Kailas
37. Sati kills herself
38. The Anger of a God
39. A God's forgiveness
40. A Child's Resolve
41. Dhruva's Tapas
42. The Constant Star
43. The Birth of Vena
44. The Rule of Vena
45. Prithu, the Great
46. Prithu's Anger
47. The Milking of Mother Earth
48. Ninety-nine Ashvamedhas
49. King Prachinabarhis
50. The Story of Puranjana
51. The Happy life of Puranjana
52. Avignyata comes back
53. The Truth underlying the Story
54. The Road to Freedom
55. The Prachetasa Brothers
56. Priyavrata
57. Priyavrata's Rule
58. The Birth of Rishabha
59. The Teachings of Rishabha
60. Bharata, the Hermit
61. Bharata, the Deer
62. Jada Bharata
63. Bharata, the Palanquin-Bearer
64. Bharata Teaches Brahma Vidya
65. Ajamila's Death
66. Yama Explains
67. Daksha's Descendants
68. The Birth of Vritrasura
69. Indra gets his Vajra
70. Combat between Indra and Vritra
71. The Killing of Vritra
72. Brahmahatya Papa
73. King Chitraketu
74. The Death of the Prince
75. Brahma Vidya
76. The Curse of Sati
77. The Birth of the Maruts
78. Yudhishtira's Doubt
79. Hiranyakashipu
80. Hiranyakashipu is granted a Boon
81. Prahlada, the Son of Hiranya
82. The Lessons which Prahlada Learnt
83. How he knew about Narayana
84. The Final Encounter
85. Narasimha
86. Prahlada's Prayer
87. The Elephant and the Crocodile
88. Liberation
89. Amrita Manthana
90. The Churning of the Ocean - Kurma Avatara
91. Kalakuta
92. The Birth of Lakshmi
93. Amrita, at last
94. The War Resumed
95. Bali the Powerful
96. The Birth of Vamana
97. Bali's Yajna
98. "Do not give", Says Shukra
99. "Three Paces of Ground"
100. Bali keeps his promise
101. Matsya Avatara
102. Markandeya, the Bhargava
103. The Vision seen by Markandeya
104. Sukanya
105. Naabhaaka
106. Ambarisha
107. Kakutstha and others
108. Sagara and his Sons
109. Amshuman
110. Ganga-Bhagirathi
111. King Saudasa
112. Sri Rama
113. The Chandra Vamsa
114. Pururavas
115. Parasurama
116. Kartavirya, the Hehaya
117. Vasishtha Hosts the King
118. A Frustrated King
119. Kaushika's Tapas
120. King Trishanku of the Solar Race
121. Trishanku Svarga
122. Shunahshepa
123. Kaushika's Lapse
124. Vishvamitra, the Brahmarshi
125. Nahusha
126. The Quarrel
127. A King to the Rescue
128. Devayani's Revenge
129. Yayati Weds Devayani
130. Sharmishtha
131. Devayani's Anger and Shukra's Curse
132. The Sons of Yayati
133. Dissatisfaction
134. Dushyanta
135. Shakuntala
136. The King weds Shakuntala
137. Her Confession
138. Shakuntala waits in Vain
139. The Leave-taking
140. Mother and Son
141. Dushyanta - The King
142. The Penitent King
143. Rantideva
144. Ganga and the Vasus
145. The Yadava Line
146. Adharma is Rampant
147. A Voice from the Heavens
148. Shankarshana
149. The Birth of Krishna
150. Krishna is taken to Gokula
151. Vishnumaya
152. Kamsa's Campaigns
153. Heaven on Earth
154. Putana
155. Shakatasura and Trinavarta
156. The Naming of the Children
157. Krishna's Pranks
158. Yashoda Sees a Vision
159. Yashoda Ties up Krishna
160. The Twin Tress in the Courtyard
161. Krishna, The life and Soul of Gokula
162. A Handful of Aranyaka Fruits
163. From Gokula to Brindavan
164. Vatsa and Baka
165. Aghasura
166. Brahma's Doubt
167. The Masquerade for a Year
168. Brahma's Chagrin
169. Balarama Kills Dhenuka
170. The Poisoned Lake
171. Kaliya
172. Kaliya Subdued
173. The Feud in Ramanaka
174. Pralambha
175. The Forest Fire
176. The Rainy Season
177. Sharad Ritu
178. The Magic of Krishna's Flute
179. Krishna's Promise to the Gopis
180. The Devotion of the Yajna-Patnis
181. The Repentance of the Brahmins
182. Not Indra, But Govardhana!
183. Indra's Anger
184. Krishna is crowned as Govinda
185. Nanda Rescued from Varuna
186. On a Moonlight Night
187. Krishna and the Gopis
188. The Search for their Lost Love
189. Discourse on Love
190. Rasa Krida
191. Sudarshana, the Vidyadhara
192. Arishta's Death
193. Once Again Narada Visits Kamsa
194. Kamsa Sends for Akrura
195. Keshi is killed
196. Sage Narada Visits Krishna
197. Vyoma, The last of the Asuras
198. Akrura Arrives in Brindavan
199. Akrura, the Cruel!
200. Akrura sees a Vision
201. In the Streets of Mathura
202. Trivakra
203. The Great Bow is Broken
204. The Killing of Kuvalayapida
205. The Killing of Kamsa
206. At Last, At Long Last
207. The Ashrama of Sandipani
208. Uddhava Sent to Brindavan
209. Uddhava Comforts the Gopis
210. Akrura sent to Hastina
211. Hastina, The Famed City
212. A Piece of Advice
213. Jarasandha : The Siege of Mathura
214. Kalayavana
215. The King Muchukunda
216. Moksha for Muchukunda
217. Jarasandha is deceived
218. Kalayavana's Story
219. Rukmini, The Princess of Vidarbha
220. Rukmini Sends a Messenger
221. Dwaraka, The Rose-Red City
222. Rukmini's Message
223. Rukmini's Despair
224. The Princess walks to the Temple
225. Rukmini Frustrated
226. Pradyumna
227. Mayavati
228. Krishna must have stolen it
229. The Bear's Cave
230. The Vindication
231. The Killing of Satrajit
232. Shatadhanva
233. Akrura's Bounty
234. Draupadi's Swayamvara
235. Kalindi, Mitravinda and Satya
236. Bhadra and Lakshmana
237. Narakasura
238. Banasura, the Son of Bali
239. Usha's Dream
240. The Attach on Sana's City
241. Nruka, The Son of Ikshvaku
242. Balarama's Anger
243. Paundraka Vaasudeva
244. Balarama Kills Dvividha
245. Lakshana, Duryodhana's Daughter
246. Two Requests to Krishna
247. Discussions
248. Jarasandha, The Powerful
249. Jarasandha Fights a Duel
250. The Rajasuya Yaga
251. Shishupala of Chedi
252. Salva Attacks Dwaraka
253. Krishna on the Battlefield
254. Krishna and Sudhama
255. Do You Remember?
256. A Handful of Rice
257. A Vision of the Future
258. An Echo from the Past
259. The Homega of the Rishis
260. Devaki's Desire
261. Subhadraharana
262. Shrutadeva and Bahulashva
263. The Doubt of Parikshit
264. The Story of Vrika
265. The Best among the Three
266. Arjuna's Oath
267. The Curse of the Rishis
268. The Great War
269. Balarama's Tirtha Yatra
270. The Visit of the Devas
271. Krishna and Uddhava
272. Avadhuta Gita - I
273. Avadhuta Gita - II
274. Avadhuta Gita - III
275. The End of the Yadu House
276. The Final Hour
277. The Aftermath
278. The End of Parikshit
279. Uddhava's Grief
280. The Requisites
281. The Free Man
282. Bhakti - A Definition
283. Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga
284. Hamsa Avatara
285. Bhakti - again
286. The Vibhutis of the Lord
287. The Different Pathways
288. The Three Paths
289. The Beginning - Creation
290. Bhakti-Yoga - again and again
291. Sankhya
292. The First Avatara-Purusha
293. The Virat Purusha as described