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Hidden Springs to Healing

by  ,

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Book Information

Publisher:St. Pauls
Published In:2006
Binding Type:Paperback
Weight:125.00 gms
Pages:pp. 95, Figures

The book "Hidden Springs to Healing " is written by M. Usha. This book was published in the year 2006. The ISBN number 8171094775|9788171094776 is assigned to the Paperback version of this title. This book has total of pp. 95 (Pages). The publisher of this title is St. Pauls. We have about 2066 other great books from this publisher. Hidden Springs to Healing is currently Available with us.

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About the Book

"Peace I bequeath to you, my own Peace I give you, a peace the World cannot give, this is my gift to you. How do we acquire this peace for our broken relationships and wounded memories? This is what the booklet is about," says Sr M. Usha in the introduction.

This Little Book is divided into five parts : Part I contains graphic accounts of the lives of certain persons who found inner peace through Sr Usha's Ministry of inner healing.

The Healing process depends basically on reconciliation, forgiveness and prayerful discernment. In the last analysis it is Christ who brings peace through inner healing.

The other parts of the book deal with Childhood stories and how they affect out personalities and behaviour; effect of dreams on our health; sickness and broken relationship; the Word of God and its role in our ongoing healing process.

The book is written in a simple Style and reflects the sincerity and charismatic fervour of the author. It can help bring peace and Happiness to anyone who reads and reflects on its contents. For who is there who does not suffer from hurt feelings or painful memories? Who is there who is not in need for reconciliation-with parents, children, neighbors, friends?



Part I :
1. Finding the Root Cause
2. Marie's Story-A First Person Account
3. Inner Healing, a Life-long Process
4. An Unwanted Child
5. Alice's Story
6. Alice Finds Peace
7. Divorce Situation
8. I am One of the Twins
9. Child of a Drunkard-Another First-Person Account
10. My Mother Wanted to be a Religious (Testimony of a Priest)
11. Baneful Effects on a Child from a Dowry Quarrel
12. Children Born in Rapid Succession
13. The Effect of Mantras on a Mother
14. Childbirth on the Way to the Hospital & its Effect
15. Superstitions and their Effects
16. Surgical Deliveries and their Effects
17. Painful Memories of School Life

Part II :
1. Stories you have Heard as a Child
2. The Seminarian who Played Little-Red-Riding Hood
3. Childhood Stories and a Broken Marriage
4. The Effect of a Life-Story upon Health and Interpersonal Relations

Part III :
1. Dreams as Gifts from God
2. The Dream that Opened a Forty Year Old Memory
3. Sleepless Nights Healed by a Dream

Part IV :
1. Broken Relationships as Cause of Sickness
2. Area No. 1 : Trouble in Head, Eyes, Ears
3. Area No. 2 : Pain in the Nose, Mouth Throat, Neck, etc
4. Area No. 3 : Heart, Chest, Lungs
5. Areas No. 4-5 : Stomach, Intestines, Reproductive System
6. Area No. 6 : Legs, Knees, Ankles, Feet
7. Needed for All Areas : Prayer for Deliverance

Part V :
1. The Word of God is a Two-edged Sword
2. Example No. 1 : Sleepless Nights and Ezekiel
3. Example No. 2 : Haggai 1 : 4 and Heart Trouble
4. Example No. 3 : Searching for Justice Leads to Habakkuk 1 : 13
5. Example No. 4 : From the Depths of a Well and Jeremiah 38 : 13
6. Example No. 5 : A Frightened Little Girl and Jeremiah 50 : 17
7. Reconciliation with Jesus Christ
8. Postscript