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Brhat Nakshatra 1st Published



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Book Information

Publisher:Sagittarius Publications
Published In:2008
Binding Type:Paperback
Weight:866.00 gms
Pages:pp. 322, Illus., Charts, Tables, Appendices

The book "Brhat Nakshatra 1st Published" is written by Sanjay Rath. This book was published in the year 2008. The ISBN number 0976517736|9780976517733 is assigned to the Paperback version of this title. This book has total of pp. 322 (Pages). The publisher of this title is Sagittarius Publications. We have about 4 other great books from this publisher. Brhat Nakshatra 1st Published is currently Available with us.

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About the Book

Starting with the sapta-loka mandala and the tri-loka mandala, Tri-nadi chakra, this Book this examines the naksatra tattva where you would be amazed to see that the clue understanding the Leonardo's Vitruvian man. Puskara naksatra and Gandanta naksatra have been explained with ample examples. Divulging some secret the special naksatra the Sula chakra has been explained threadbare.

Naksatra Devata is not just about prayers and worship timing world events in the years, decades, centuries and Sri Rama being Sun incarnation or Sri Krsna as Moon incarnation in the Saptarsi.

Sunya naksatra, Graha Janma naksatra, Antarariga-Bahiranga naksatra and Pata naksatra have been covered along with Sunya naksatra. Have you should be recommended for one born in Bharani naksatra Janma naksatra. Antaraiiga-Bahiraiiga naksatra is the basis of this in horoscopy along with Sarijna chakra and pata naksatra is the hallmark of this book.

Dimba chakra of Pandit Dhundiraja and one system of Nara this part. By the time you finish this chapter you should be able to tell of the body is going to be damaged (if at all). The naksatra purusa worship in the Vaisnava and Saiva traditions have been covered. The teaching of Brahmarsi Narada, for the placement of the Moon in naksatra and pad including some traditional advise.

With more than a hundred charts and more illustrations, this book not only reveals some of the most guarded secrets of Vedic Astrology but also lays a firm foundation for learning Naksatra sastra. In simpler words, what has been taught in this book will have references in classical literature but their use, especially in horoscopy has never ever been provided in any book.

About the Author

Pt. Sanjay Rath is the founder of SJC and a researcher and translator of classical jyotish literature. He has presented papers at various conferences worldwide and is the author of many books including a translation of Mahadshi Jaimini's Upadesa Sutra and the all time classic "Crux of Vedic Astrology-Timing of Events", that have revolutionized outlook on jyotish and accepted it as being essentially scientific. He is the editor of "The Jyotish Digest'. He is a director of SIVA and teaches at the Devaguru Brihaspati Center.

He is a graduate in mechanical engineering and was an officer in the Government of India (1990 Batch). He belongs to a traditional family of astrologers from Bira Balabhadrapur Sasan Village of Puri, Orissa. His grandfather, the late Pundit Jagannath Rath was the Jyotish Ratna of Orissa.


Sri Guru Caranam

1. Introduction :
i. Etymology :
a. The Vedic Chart
b. Memory Aid

2. Naksatra Mandala :
a. Naksatrarasivibhagah

i. Sapta Loka Mandala :
a. Tri-loka Chakra
b. Sarvatobhadra Chakra

ii. Naksatra Groups :
a. Tri-nadi Chakra

3. Naksatra Tattva :
a. Prthvi Tattva Group

i. Naksatra Purusa I : Decoding Vitruvian Man :
ii. Tattva Relationships :
a. Puskara Naksatra - Bridge between Signs
b. Gandanta Naksatra - no Bridge between Signs
c. Effect of Vara and Tithi
d. Pancaka Naksatra
e. Results of Planets and Transits

iii. Who Started WWII and when?

4. Navatara Chakra :
a. Virhsottari Lordship of Naksatra
b. Illustration. Rajiv Gandhi
c. Navatara Relationships
d. Illustration. Gandhi Family Relationships
e. Further Rules

i. Remedial Measures :
a. Illustrations

5. Special Nakatra :
i. Illustrations :
a. Desa Tara (12th Naksatra)
b. Manasa Naksatra

6. Naksatra Sight :
i. Three Types of Sight :
a. Adhomukha Naksatra
b. Urdhva Mukha Naksatra
c. Tiryanga Mukha Naksatra
e. Illustration

ii. Andhadi Naksatra :
a. Traits
b. Application in Prasna
c. Career Directions for Scientists/Research
d. Illustrations

7. Sula Chakra :
i. Navagraha on Sula Chakra
ii. Timing Death with Sula Chakra :
a. Political Leaders
b. General Horoscopes
c. Spiritual Leaders

iii. Sula Chakra - Accidents

8. Saptarsi Naksatra :
i. Sri Matsya Avatara
ii. Creation :
a. Yuga Calculations

iii. Nature and Lineage :
a. Spouses of Saptarsi

iv. Determination of Creator Planet :
a. Debunking & Confirming Avatara Theories

v. Saptarsi in Horoscopy
vi. Spirituality :
a. Conclusion

9. Naksatra Devata :
i. Names of Naksatra and Devata

10. Knowing the Devata :
i. Deva Definition
ii. Asvini Naksatra : Asvini Kumara Devata
iii. Bharani Naksatra : Yama Devata
iv. Krittika Naksatra : Agni Devata
v. Rohini Naksatra : Prajapati Devata
vi. Mrgasira Naksatra : Chandra Devata

11. Puranic Lessons :
i. Sukanya and Asvini Kumara Devata (Asvini)
ii. Savitri and Yama Devata (Bharini)
iii. Birth of Kartikeya & Krittika Sisters (Krittika) :
a. Great Bear - Saptarsi
b. Agni's Lust

12. Sunya Naksatra :
i. Pancanga Sunya :
a. Sunya in Horoscopy

ii. Illustrations. Sunya Rasi :
a. Sunya with Mrtyupada

iii. Sunya Naksatra from Karaka Lagna :

a. Void Relationships

13. Graha Janma Naksatra :
i. Graha Janma Tithi :
a. Guru Vara - ekadasi Dosa
b. Purnima Dosa
c. Guru Vara - ekadasi Dosa
d. Mangala Vara - ekadasi

ii. Graha Janma Naksatra :
a. Bharani - Sun or Rahu
b. Aslesa-ketu
c. Jyestha - Venus
d. Uttara Asadha - Mars
e. Dhanistha - Mercury

iii. Remedies

14. Antaranga - Bahiranga Naksatra :
i. Astottari Dasa Basis
ii. Suryadi Naksatra Graha [Research]
iii. Muhurta Use
iv. Illustrations
v. Overview

15. Sanjna Chakra :
i. Dhruva-sthira Naksatra
ii. Chala-chara Naksatra
iii. Ugra-krura Naksatra
iv. Misra - Sadharana Naksatra
v. Ksipra - Laghu Naksatra
vi. Mrdu - Maitra Naksatra
vii. Tiksna - Daruna Naksatra :
a. Application - Muhurta
b. Application - Jataka

16. Pata Naksatra :
i. Traditional Understanding :
a. Results
b. Muhurta
c. Jataka
d. Illustrations - #1. Pata Naksatra
e. Illustrations - #2. Pata Rasi
f. Great Revolutionaries

17. Naksatra Purusa :
i. Dimba Chakra :
a. Illustrations

ii. Nara Chakra - 1

18. Naksatra Purusa Vrata :
i. Vaisnava Naksatra Purusa :
a. Murti - Image of Deity
b. Results
c. Illustration

ii. Saiva Naksatra Purusa :
a. Graha Pidita Naksatra
b. Illustrations

19. Teachings of Sri Narada :
i. Janma Naksatra :
a. Naksatra Results
b. Traditional Advice
c. Illustrations

ii. Pada Results
iii. Illustrations